Interview with Sebastian Stautz

1 minute read

Sebastian Stautz

Twitter: @SebiSolidwork


Where are you in your testing journey?

Having traveled yet a long road end still not seeing the end. Having the feeling of some deeper understanding of our craft in the past few years. More practical: I’m still a tester, maybe once Ill become of a quality consultant for developers.

The best bug you have ever found?

best’ in the sense of impressive, but mostly sad:

I saw the potential of ever growing chain of data due to inconsistent user guidance. A self programmed memory leak, never scrapping outdated data. I reported it, but nothing was done. “Users will act reasonable and ever work correct.”

Nope, they didn’t. The software didn’t demanded it. A few month later the behavior caused heavy performance issues at production and a quick patch was necessary.

If could have estimated the impact better I had much more insisted on fixing it.

Advice you would give to Testers?

Doubt nearly anything. Be sure who you trust to what degree. See how good people understand their craft, then you can rely on them.

Doubt isn’t necessary aggressive. Expressing your doubt more diplomatically, empathetic gives others trust in you.

What does winning mean to you?

Nothing. Winning means mostly dominating others. Beating them. And I don’t want to beat others the same as I don’t want to be beaten myself.

I’m fine with achieving a task and target, but that’s something different, still very demanding and can be done in cooperation. Also I’m fine with making mistakes, they are a valuable source for learning.