Interview with Claire Reckless

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Claire Reckless

Twitter: @clairereckless



Where are you in your testing journey?

I’m currently a Test Lead at MoneySuperMarket in Manchester, working on our Mobile apps and the services which support our apps and website.

The best bug you have ever found?

Not a bug I’ve found, but one which made it into production and I then had to deal with when I worked on a support team. We shipped a version of a product which, it turns out, replaced a dll critical to the operating system and resulted in older versions of the OS refusing to boot completely. It hadn’t been tested as it ‘wasn’t supported’ on older operating systems. One of my earliest experiences of ‘just because it isn’t supported doesn’t mean someone won’t do it!’ It was also Christmas, and it was a less than pleasant experience with a reduced team. Always appreciate your support / cs teams, they are awesome!!!

Advice you would give to Testers?

Always keep learning - there’s always something new to get to grips with.
Be kind to yourself (and others) - you don’t have to know everything or feel bad if you don’t Ask questions - a crucial tester skill

What does winning mean to you?

Lots of things, but being in a place you feel appreciated, and have freedom to grow.