Interview with Andrew Fraser

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Andrew Fraser

Twitter: @tuxt3r



Where are you in your testing journey?

10+ years and learning about how much I don’t know

The best bug you have ever found?

I worked on a import/export library for very large sets of data. It took me two years to be honest enough to say I didn’t understand the interface to the library, maybe saying it was too complicated was a better way to put it. Turns out I wasn’t alone, it was extremely over-complicated. We re-wrote it to be a 10th of the code.

Advice you would give to Testers?

Be kind to people, they’re worth it, as are you.

What does winning mean to you?

Seeing other people be successful and knowing I helped in some way to contribute to their success. Kinda like the coaches dream, I coached and now look they are kicking butt!

Also managing to stay calm and kind in stressful situations.