Interview with Damian Synadinos

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Damian Synadinos

Twitter: @dsynadinos



Where are you in your testing journey?

In some ways, I’m near the end - I haven’t tested software (on purpose, for money) in several years. However, in other ways, I’m in the middle - I believe that testing is about experimenting, exploring, understanding, communicating, and much more. And these are all things that I’ve done my entire life and continue to do daily.

The best bug you have ever found?

After 25 years of testing, I’ve found too many to mention, so I’ll pass (or is it “fail”)?

Advice you would give to Testers?

Focus on the basics - Things like communication, semantics, linguistics, empathy, relativism/perspective, models, epistemology, biases, etc. Tools and technology are easier to learn and apply, and always dependent on these fundamental concepts. Deeper, better understanding of these fundamental ideas will help you become a better tester…and a better human.

What does winning mean to you?

It was a pleasant way to start my day! And from the past winners list, I see that I’m in good company. Thank you!