Community interview with Rahul Singh

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Rahul Singh

Twitter: @toongamerz



Where are you in your testing journey?

Well, I have gathered 10+ years of experience but I am still beginning. Its the nature of our work. We need to unlearn and then learn to evolve and grow.

The best bug you have ever found?

The users who registered between xx:xx timestamp were unable to login into their account

What does quality mean to you?

A smile on end users face after using my tested application is the quality.

What is your favorite test tool?

Battery Historian

What is your third favorite testing joke?

If Tester test to assures the quality of the code then who assure the quality of the tester :)

Advice you would give to other Testers?

Don’t test things in order to get appreciation. Test your product to see a smile on billions of customers who will be using your product.

Promote yourself and your work

Being a QA, I never promote my work because once the tested product is out for consumer use, work promotion happens automatically :)