Interview with Huib Schoots

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Huib Schoots

Twitter: @huibschoots



Where are you in your testing journey?

I have had all possible roles in the testing industry: tester, SDET, coordinator, lead, head, coach, trainer, consultant, manager, etc… I enjoy helping people, teams and organisations become better and help them grow. Mostly in testing often broader because impediments never are only related to testing.

The best bug you have ever found?

In a e-commerce product which was already running in production. I tried some basic security stuff I learned from on online course and was able to see stuff I wasn’t supposed to see. Maybe not the most important bug I ever found, but this one made me feel proud!

Advice you would give to Testers?

Stop focusing on standards like ISTQB, TMap or whatever. Learn what testing is really all about. Practice your skills, make things you do explicit by talking about it to others, always keep learning. A great way to learn is pairing or mobbing/ensemble testing.

What does winning mean to you?

It used to be very important to get recognition and it would give me a great feeling. Nowadays it is still great to get recognition, but I am confident enough to know that I am good I what I do. Still awesome to be nominated for a title like tester of the day. I am always happy to see that people appreciate the stuff I do.