Interview with Karen Todd

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Karen Todd

Twitter: @KarenTestsStuff



Where are you in your testing journey?

Less than 2 years experience

The best bug you have ever found?

The best bug I ever found was related to time zones. Due to the phone’s native time allowances interacting with the scheduler, it caused some events to appear as though they were hosted on incorrect dates.

I love time bugs, they’re incredibly interesting to me. I got bit by the time bug by way of my craft team director. She is interested in the same, and gets excited about those findings like I do ❤️✨️

Advice you would give to Testers?

JOIN THE COMMUNITY! We will help you find work, promote your content, find you a mentor, etc etc etc. I’ve never been more supported or safe to fail.

What does winning mean to you?

Winning to me means validation that the community is behind me ❤️ someone, some where, nominated me because what I said resonates with them.

People have started using Testing Advocate in their Twitter Bios!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!