Interview with Lena Wiberg

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Lena Wiberg

Twitter: @LenaPejgan



Where are you in your testing journey?

I did a decade of coding, about 7-8 in different testing roles and the last 6 years I’ve been in management positions.

I’ve done everything from being the only tester in a team to building testing org from ground up.

I’ve written a book and is a pretty well-known speaker. I guess that makes me pretty far on the journey but still so much to learn!

The best bug you have ever found?

We had implemented a file size check and while testing I found out different parts of the chain calculated size differently. Best in form of me learning something really interesting!

Most impressive was perhaps a missing database index causing a job to take 8h. Took 20 min when I was done!

Advice you would give to Testers?

Stay curious and ground yourself in ethics. Don’t let yourself be pushed to make something that will cause you not to sleep well

What does winning mean to you?

I probably should say something profound but I’m quite literal. Coming in first.